English Therapy

Identity and ideas

Nowadays, both philosophy and psychology have been limited to very narrow fields of action; their reach restricted and disconnected from every-day reality. But both of them were born as efforts to answer the most essential questions of humanity, life and the world around us and offer perspective and reflections about our instincts, emotions, habits and relationships.

This narrow point of view doesn’t apply only to this disciplines, but to human development as well. Extremely aware of this, and committed to the ideas and values of health and personal development practiced by the ancient greeks, we’ve made (and still do) an effort to grow not only as professionals but as human beings, always involving ourselves in art, gaming, physical exercise, technology, sound nutrition, etcetera.

What we do

We can provide you with therapy and coaching in english, and that’s pretty cool, but not the end of it. Maybe you’re a student living in Chile, or you travel constantly in and out of the country, or maybe you want to do something else entirely (for instance, to better understand latin-american culture and thinking with a more technical perspective) Either way, there’s a good chance that if you decide to start a therapeutic process, you’ll need it to be very flexible. And we’re pretty good at that. Given the tools we have (online, at-home and traditional sessions) we can adapt therapy to fit your needs and produce a process that goes well with an ever-changing environment.

If you want to start a therapeutic process or have any questions about pricing, locations, our ideas about therapy, if we’re a good fit for you or anything else, please contact us at info@interludio.cl.

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